Bedroom ideas, including the full headboard and other furniture

Wall Mounted Headboards

Wall mounted headboards are a great furniture piece for beds of all sizes.

Adding a headboard to your bedroom will raise your bedroom’s level of comfort and luxury exponentially. In today’s busy world, the bedroom often serves as the only oasis from the pressures and stress of everyday life. Wall mounted headboards offer a lot of versatility in decorating that other headboards do not. Utilizing a wall mounted headboard allows you to pair a bed that is smaller with the headboard, for example. However, a wall headboard will require more skill in terms of assembly. It must be mounted one hundred percent level and even or else the tone of the whole room will suffer since the headboard provides the anchor around which the rest of the décor circles.

You’ll want your wall mount headboards to be completely straight on the wall as well as flat against the wall. If it is not hung flush with the wall, it could fall down in the course of you entering and exiting the bed. Even if it doesn’t fall, it’s going to generate discomfort for you if it’s not utterly flat against the wall of your bedroom.

Some nice options available with wall mounted headboards is the additional of functional items such as shelving. A well designed headboard employing shelves could eliminate need for a nightstand, opening up space in a cramped, overstuffed bedroom, as well as tidying up and streamlining your style. Even if you do opt for a nightstand, a wall mounted headboard saves space as there are no posts or legs. Thus, your bed sits flush against the wall as well.

Wall mounted headboards tend to have a more modern style to them. They work nicely with furniture you might find in an IKEA catalog, for example.  You can soften them up by opting for a wall mounted upholstered headboard rather than one constructed solely of wood. You’ll find many wall mounted leather headboards as a result. This add a warm ambiance to your bedroom.

Using upholstery over your frame will benefit you as the headboard won’t be victim to scratches. Should the fabric begin to show wear or stains, you can always take it down and replace the fabric on it! This also opens up your decorating choices because you’re not as locked into the current décor. Knowing you can at any moment select a new backdrop for your room—by changing the fabric, pattern, and color of your headboard—you can make daring choices in your interior design.

Should you choose to upholster your wall mounted headboards, your choices in fabric are limitless. Suede, leather, cotton, polyester, any fabric you conceive can be used. You can even opt to construct a wooden frame around the fabric to give the headboard even more character and class. A wall mounted headboard makes a sizeable statement in a room and they tend to be very inexpensive.

You can purchase wall mounted headboards from furniture stores, department stores, and online stores. Many online stores offer free shipping as well. Many consumers opt to make their own wall mounted headboard, some using surprising materials in their construction, such as shutters, and old doors. There are many options when you decide to go with a wall mounted headboard.

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