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Full Trundle Bed

A full trundle bed is a great bedroom furniture piece for kids, making storage and sleepovers both an easy task.

Buying a full trundle bed for your home can be a great way to either add a unique style to your home, or provide the perfect platform for your children’s sleepovers.  The way that this unique type of bed works, is by having a second mattress installed underneath the first, within the bed frame.  This way, when company, or a guest is over, they can sleep in the same room on the second mattress, which easily slides out of the bed frame.  This means both people can sleep in comfort, and in the same room, in an extremely easy and convenient way.  The main thing will simply be finding the right sort of full trundle bed design for your home.

The full trundle bed originated quite a long time ago, and used to be used as a means for servants to sleep in their master’s quarters, so that they were never very far away.  But now, the beds have become better used in children’s bedrooms, to easily facilitate sleepovers.  This way the guest can sleep up off the floor, and both your child and a friend can sleep completely comfortably all through the night.  Or they can even be great for adults, just to make room for a houseguest so that nobody has to give up their beds, and so that you can ensure everyone sleeps perfectly comfortably.

There are a variety of different versions when it comes to the full trundle bed concept, and finding the perfect one for your home is essential.  For an antique look, you may consider purchasing a real wooden bed, to really capture that classic home feel.  There are full trundle bed types that feature great wooden frames with unparalleled style, which feature slid out drawers that look almost like a chest, on the side of the bed.  They can be made to work extremely quickly and easily, and you won’t believe how conveniently they fit in with your home.  You’ll just want to choose a wood grain, and stain shade that matches the décor, so that the bed fits in seamlessly.

Although, when it comes to younger children’s rooms, you may want to consider something a little more durable than a wooden full trundle bed.  For this reason, they also feature models with metal frames, that can stand up to more punishment.  This is extremely good in case the games get a little rough, so that your bed can stand up to a little jumping and wrestling, before you can calm things down.  Plus metal full trundle bed models can really give any room a great modern style, that anyone would appreciate.

There are a variety of places that you can go to find the perfect full trundle bed for you, but the best resources will usually be found online.  Through websites like you can find a wide variety of different types of frames, that can be shipped right to your house.  This way you find the full trundle bed you need, no matter your décor tastes.

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