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Full Size Platform Bed

A full size platform bed is a stylish and luxurious furniture piece for any bedroom.

A full size platform bed refers to a style initiated in Pennsylvania in the 1880s. Pennsylvania House Furniture produced the platform bed as a piece of furniture meant for utility. A platform bed is a bed frame that houses only a mattress. You cannot use box springs with a platform bed. The bed is constructed so that its foundation consists of either a solid section of wood or wooden planks to buttress the mattress and provide support.

This is important because you simply can’t just opt to not use box springs on a bed that isn’t a platform bed. This is because the construction of those beds is quite different. On a typical bed, it’s literally two or three metal rods holding up the entire bed. That’s not enough support for the mattress without the box springs.

While there is no clear advantage to this construction over a traditional box springs and mattress combination, this does often allow for increased storage space underneath the bed itself. However, there are those platform beds which sit quite low to the ground.

Either way, the effect of a full size platform bed is sleek, clean design. It’s a more contemporary style. Although there are full platform beds out there with more traditional styling. For instance, platforms also come in canopy styles as well. However, a canopy platform bed tends to look sleeker than a traditionally styled canopy bed.

The impact of a full size platform bed on your wallet is a pleasing one. You no longer need a box springs unit, which can run anywhere from $200 to $500. You also don’t need a separate full size platform bed frame to support your box springs and mattress as the support is built into a full platform bed. That makes a platform bed a great choice for someone looking to simplify and save money.

Typically full size platform beds are made out of wood, but they can also be made out of metal. They can be as simply constructed or as opulent as you’d like. You can find inexpensive offerings and you can have a custom made full size platform bed. They come in a wide assortment of woods and finishes. Nearly any style or look you desire can be found in this style of bed.

When you’re shopping for full size platform beds, you’ll want to consider whether you prefer a low profile bed or a bed with storage underneath. The other thing that people often fail to keep in mind is the height of the mattress you’ll be using with it.  Depending on the height of a television set and other factors, the wrong mattress height can make your sleeping experience less comfortable than it ought to be, so pay attention to minor details like this when planning the purchase of any full size mattress.

You can buy a full size platform bed from any vendor who carries bedroom furniture. However, there are stores that specialize in platform beds. An online search will yield a plethora of reputable dealers who carry a host of styles.

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