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Full Over Full Bunk Beds

Full over full bunk beds feature two full size mattresses above one another.

Bunk beds were conceived to create more space. They were created to allow two individuals to slumber in the same room without having to share a bed. The stacked design allows for more floor space. Full over full bunk beds solve space issues like no other bed. Unlike traditional bunk beds, which put a twin size bed over a twin size bed, full over full bunk beds feature a full size bed over a full size bed.

This is a good fix for older children sharing a room or providing space for older children who have a lot of sleepovers. Because twin over full bunk beds are full size beds, these are also a good solutions for adults who need to share space, but not the same bed. Like the traditional bunk bed, the full over full bunk beds are constructed with four corners and a ladder permitting entry to the top bunk.

If price is a factor when selecting your full over full bunk beds, ones with metal frames will be the cheapest of all options. Of frames made of wood, a softwood frame will be cheaper than a frame constructed of harder varieties of wood. Some twin over full bunk bed models are designed to allow separation of the beds at a later date in case you wish to split them apart at any point in time. As you’re shopping, make sure to inquire as to whether that is an option, if you’re interested in such a bed.

One of the things you need to pay attention to is the reputable of the dealer and manufacturer. Safety is a concern when shopping for full size bunk beds and you’ll want to consider that when trying to save money. Don’t let your desire to shave the price down lead you to purchase something poorly constructed. Make sure that the mattress fits tightly into the frame. There should be less than an inch between the mattress and the frame at any point around the perimeter of the mattress.

Also, test out the ladder. Ensure that climbing up and down the ladder to get into and out of the top bunk is easy. Remember that a lot of the scrambling on that ladder will take place in the dark, when you’re not fully awake. Once you purchase a solid bunk bed, be sure to have it correctly assembled and ensconced in the room. Don’t let the size of the bed fool you. You shouldn’t allow more than one person on the top bunk at any time. It isn’t safe.

You can shop for full over full bunk beds anyplace that sells furniture; department stores are also a place to browse. However, there are many stores specializing specifically in bunk beds. Don’t overlook online stores. Many offer free shipping, so don’t let that scare you away. However, be sure to find out if they also offer assembly. Bunk beds can be very difficult to put together than you may realize. It’s likely worth the extra fees to have someone who’s experienced put together your bed.

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